"Excellent job! Thanks for being on time and there when I need you!"

Dr. & Mrs. John Stanesic, 914 Meadowlane, Junction City

"Excellent job, excellent overall experience! I would love to invite your future or present customers to see both of the bathrooms. Thanks!"

Mr. & Mrs. W. Jaecke, 901 Meadowlane, Junction City

"Extremely satisfied, will definitely use you again, will recommend you to my friends, overall experience excellent! I love my new garage and siding!"

Mr. F. Catalo, 1413 Rockwell, Junction City, KS

"Thank you for the great experience! I am very satisfied with the replacement windows and exterior painting. The workers were kind, courteous and trustworthy. Thanks!"

Ms. S. Kueser, 518 Coronado, Junction City, KS

"Thank you so much for working me into your schedule. I am very satisfied with the work in my converted garage as well as the texture and painting. Thanks again!"

Mr. D. Gordon, 518 South Calhoun, Junction City, KS

"Thank you for a job well done. I truly enjoyed dealing with your company. The quality received exceeds the cost. If I ever need any other work done, Iíll definitely call you first!"

Mr. D. Clement, 502 West Ash, Junction City, KS

"Thanks for the excellent work on our porch windows and the invoice price being less than the bid price was great! Thanks!"

Mr. & Mrs. G. Bourisaw, 518 West Walnut, Junction City, KS

"We were very satisfied with the recent work that was on time and on budget. It was great when our additional needs were done without question. Thanks!"

Mr. & Mrs. J. Briestensky, 1220 Miller Drive, Junction City, KS

"All of the workers became our friends. Friends want to make sure you are happy and they were always making sure we were happy. The workers were on time and worked hard in triple digit heat. Thanks for a job well done!"

Mr. & Mrs. M. Rawlings, 1410 Holly Lane, Junction City, KS

"Thanks for the excellent work by your excellent people. You guys are awesome!"

Ms. S. Richard, 1006 Cottonwood, Junction City, KS

"Thanks for the excellent job of installing our 3 storm doors. Right on time and the bill was lower than expected! Thanks!"

Mr. & Mrs. L. Walters, 311 South Adams, Junction City, KS

I am very satisfied with the installation of the fascia wrap and vinyl soffit. There was one minor problem where a screw was driven through a cable line. The problem was quickly found by your employee and Cox Cable spliced the wire - problem solved. The quality of work was excellent as well as the quickness with which it was done. Thanks!

Mr. A. Elmore, 502 W Oak, Junction City, KS

"Thanks for the excellent work and getting the door in and the bathrooms done on such a short notice, just in time for my holiday company! Thanks!"

Ms. B. Roberts, 6701 Rockwood, Milford, KS

"Ben, thanks so much for taking care of the windows and painting on such a professional basis. I am glad to be able to trust a contractor. Your employees have been great! Thanks!"

Ms. S. Lee, 1005 Cottonwood, Junction City, KS

"As usual, your guys, Dan & Tim, did an awesome job on extending our deck. And to get it done under budget in this heat was great! Thanks!

Ms. D. Boller, 419 Hawthorne, Junction City, KS

"Thank you for being so prompt and courteous in helping me deal with the insurance company with the repairs made necessary by the car that tore up my fence and carport. Your employees did a great job and I appreciate it."

Ms. M. Adams, 1716 Westwood Blvd., Junction City, KS

"I appreciate all the hard work and dedication shown by you and your workers. Our house looks great thanks to you! Also, thank you for taking care of the issues we had in a very timely manner!"

Ms. K. Kolanowski, 2719 Anderson, Junction City, KS

"Excellent work on replacing my damaged siding and painting it to match the faded blue siding! Thanks!"

Ms. J. Bowers, 616 McClure Junction City, KS

"Excellent work as usual! Your guys were all very polite. Ben, you always do a great job and youíre so pleasant all the time. Continue to be happy! Thanks!"

Ms. I. Sanders, 139 West 2nd Street, Junction City, KS

"Thank you for getting the work done in a timely manner. I am very pleased with everything. I will be calling you in the future when I need more work done. The overall experience was great!"

Ms. S. Gratz, 1509 Tamerisk, Junction City, KS

"We really appreciate your willingness to give advice throughout our project. Thanks for coming back out to fix the mortar at the side door. We are willing to show the work done to others, just let us know in advance. Thanks for the great job on our windows and doors!"

Mr. & Mrs. C. Stevens 121 Sunset, Junction City, KS

"Once again, another great job completed. On time, friendly, fast, efficient, clean. I love my beautiful windows. Thanks!"

Ms. Mary Woods, 7303 Old Milford Road, Milford, KS